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Fast Forward is the title of my Gold Award Project. For my project, I decided to help out the MLK Youth Center for children aged 5-13 in Bridgewater, NJ. I believe that it is important that students are not only book smart, but that they must be street smart. I plan to host presentations and events for the children at the MLK center to teach them important life skills that are necessary for succeeding in the future. I think it is important that kids learn skills and information important for the "real world" at a younger age so they get a head start and potentially "Fast Forward" into their future.





Along with my presentations, I plan to supply the youth center with items needed in order for it to prosper. I plan to fill 100 backpacks with school supplies for the kids that attend the center. I also plan to provide the center with new materials for their kitchen, such as pots and pans because they feed the children hot meals each day. Lastly, I would like to give the center more snacks and food for their pantry. 



About Me

Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Ritu. I am 16 years old and currently a junior in high school. On this site, you will find information all about my Girl Scout Gold Award project. I have been a Girl Scout for 10 years now and this year I will be an Ambassador. Outside of Girl Scouts, I like to spend my free time hanging out with friends, traveling, going shopping and surfing the web. Make sure to check back to my site every so often to view my progress!


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